My heart goes out to West

I know that everyone says, after a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing or the horrible explosion in West, Texas, that his or her “heart goes out” to the victims and survivors. But I honestly find my heart pounding with sorrow for the folks in West. I feel a stronger connection to them than I do to the people of Boston, just because I’ve been to or through West many times, whereas I have never been to Boston and I don’t know much about it.

The town of West has a large Czech population, and as I posted earlier in the week on my Facebook page, I was very happy to see that the Czech Stop had survived the explosion. I’ve stopped there many times on my way from Austin to Dallas. the Czech Stop is right on IH-35 about halfway between those two cities, and it’s a perfect place to stop and stretch one’s legs, get gas, use the AMAZINGLY CLEAN restrooms, and … buy some kolaches.

Oh, those kolaches! I don’t think I eat kolaches on any other occasion. I don’t think about kolaches on a regular basis, but when I used to drive north toward Dallas, as I got closer to West, I would start to see those billboards–“We gotcha kolache!”–and my mouth would start to water. What flavor of kolache to choose? I couldn’t pick just one, but of course, I couldn’t have every flavor … could I?

I mean, I had to restore my strength for driving, which would take at least two. Maybe a blueberry filled and a plain cream cheese. Then I might want to have a little late-night snack at the hotel tonight, or at whatever house I was staying. There was breakfast tomorrow morning, which might call for a savory kolache. Oh, the possibilities. And don’t forget to eat them all before they start to lose their pillowy softness.

Those kolaches and the AMAZINGLY CLEAN restrooms will always symbolize West, Texas, to me. The people have a great sweetness and an open-handed hospitality. I’m so very glad that the Czech Stop survived this disaster, and I really and truly feel sad for those in West who did not.


Just getting started

Well, I’ve decided to redo as a WordPress site, centered around a blog. The idea is that someone or someones out there will actually be interested in things I have to say. Ha!

Why “Bluebonnet Equinox”? I’m not completely sure. I just came up with the phrase at some point a few years ago. The main reason for it is that I absolutely love the wildflowers that bloom along the highways in central and eastern Texas at this time of the year. Most of them are bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush, which make such a beautiful color combination. I miss seeing them, and I often try to make my occasional visits to Texas happen during the spring so I can get a glimpse.

This year, it looks like my vay-cay will be going to MediaWest Con in Lansing, Michigan, over Memorial Day Weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing my buddies Amy, Carol, Lynda and Anne, and we’re hoping Kris will make it, too.

That’s it for now. I’m planning to bring in some old blog posts here to fill up the space, and I’m still playing with the layout and widgets and all that stuff WordPress offers. If you have a comment, please do leave it below. I want to know whether anyone is reading!