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A Sampling of My Poetry

Below are some of my published poems, either reproduced as they were published in printed magazines, or presented as links to their online homes.

I've put this page up very quickly, and I will be updating it and refining it over the next few weeks. So if you like what you see, check back again soon!

Links to poems published online

  • "Mother of Atlantis," published in Strange Horizons in August 2004 and nominated for a 2005 Rhysling Award.

  • "Harvest Star," published in the Spring/Summer 2005 issue of Astropoetica.

  • "Comet Wild," also published in the Spring/Summer 2005 issue of Astropoetica.

  • I also write short stories, and my story "Cold Blooded" was published in Reflection's Edge magazine online in January 2005.

Poems not available online

Cassini Looks at Saturn

Ancient Phoebe,
Backward-rolling moon,
Are Saturn's other satellites
Your restless orphans?
Cassini roams your icy craters.
Will it kiss and tell?

—published by Breath & Shadow, but no longer available in archive


Frame dragging confirmed
Earth's spin warps space around us
So Albert was right

—August 2005 Scifaikuest


Fallout changes things.
Monthly test of what you're worth:
Ovulate, and live.

—August 2005 Scifaikuest


Footprints on the Moon
Not made by Armstrong — these boots
Held too many toes

—August 2005 Scifaikuest - online

Celestial Summit

I chanced to look up
And see two planets dancing
With a crescent moon

—The Shantytown Anomaly, January 2006


Time stumbles sideways
And for a moment I see
How we could have been

—May 2006 Scifaikuest - print


Seven million miles
Seven hours to reach home
Dinner at seven

—May 2006 Scifaikuest - print


Earth dented; Moon freed
Celestial collision
Whose insurance pays?

—Ultraverse July 2006


Favorite stuffed kitten
Eyes opening at midnight
Not such a blank stare

—Ultraverse July 2006


Lifting the bride's veil
To see three gold eyes glinting
No virgin's shy glance

—Scifaikuest (print), October 2006

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