How to Develop
a Communications Plan


How to Develop
a Communications Plan

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from PRSA

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Sample Plan 1:
Public Relations Society of America
Strategic Plan 2000-2004

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Vision Statement
PRSA is the organization to unify, strengthen and advance the profession of
public relations.

To empower public relations practitioners to realize their full potential.
To establish PRSA as the preeminent organization that builds value, demand
and global understanding for public relations.

Target Audiences
Present and prospective PRSA members.
Public relations profession.
Users and specifiers of public relations.

Six Guiding Principles
Focus on three core areas:
Global Understanding
Build on current programs and create new initiatives.
Involve membership at all levels in the plans implementation.
Create annual operating plans, with specific goals.
Assess national leadership and staff performance, based on objectives and
established evaluation criteria.

Objective 1
Build membership to 25% market share.
Increase membership and involvement of senior professionals.
Establish new membership categories.
Make membership representative of the profession.
Increase PRSSA alumni membership.

Objective 2
Increase the profession's talent pool, from entry-level to mid-career professionals.
Develop programs to prepare mid-career professionals to assume senior-level positions.
Prepare professionals for international positions.
Work with colleges to develop certificate programs.

Objective 3
Enhance the Society's professional development offerings, at all levels.
Link to Accreditation and the Body of Knowledge.
Enhance chapter-level professional development offerings.
Achieve recognition for PRSA as the leader in the field of professional development.
Share our professional development expertise globally.

Objective 4
Develop programs that advance PRSA's reputation and the credibility of the profession.
Make PR a key part of what the Society does for itself.
Regularly measure awareness and perception of PRSA.
Focus on promoting our key reputation initiatives:
--K.I.D.S., Credibility Index, Universal Accreditation.

Objective 5
Foster research that anticipates changes in the profession in response to
cultural, societal and technological factors.
Initiate new research/measurement tools.
Utilize research from other sources.
Train professionals in the use of research to measure their effectiveness.

Objective 6
Strengthen internal communications and relationships throughout the Society.

Objective 7
Vigorously communicate to and educate members and other professionals regarding our ethical standards and their enforcement.
Rewrite the Code of Ethics.
Conduct education campaign for Code.
Create staff support for ethics education.

Objective 8
Develop necessary funding and resources to achieve the strategic plan.
Dues revenue.
Non-dues revenue.
Investment income.
Other sources (Foundation grants, sponsorships).

2000 Operating Plan
Each year's operating plan will outline specific tactics, budgets and measurement.

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